The contents are first mediated in a theoretical introducing manner with the help of a presentation and then or parallel demonstrated in practice. For the moderation a webcam is used that can be switched to a second camera for the presentations. For synthesizer Webinars the display of the instrument is captured as graphic or rather transmitted to the participants via screen sharing. Working with software is also visualized for the participants via screen sharing.
The type pf performance can take place in two variants.
Variant 1
The first contains the theoretical framework with presentation/moderation as well as a practical demonstration of the contents. Participants can take part interactively by chat to ask questions. The activation of a participant webcam or microphone is also possible if needed.
This variant is suitable for comprehensive topics. The participant has to adapt single practices to his personal situation or configuration if necessary.
Variant 2
The second variant is customized especially for certain instrument or software types. The participants can actively understand the contents parallel to the step-by-step presentation/demonstration on their own equipment.
At the end of every Webinar data and links can be provided. Some days after the event a video recording can be provided for download.
The realization of the virtual classroom surrounding takes place with ZOOM. The system works independently of computer platform and operating system. By request other tools are also possible like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.
Also, no webcam is needed. The usage of a headset for a proper VOIP connection is highly recommended.