To introduce myself:

My name is Hans-Peter Henkel, owner of Cool Webinars.

How did the idea of this offer come into existence?
We all live in a highly technological and mechanized world. The steadily increasing number of new possibilities requires permanently adapted competences. This challenge can be found in the field of technical equipment and devices, computers and software or electronic musical instruments.
Due to their complex and manifold functions, the operation of these devices is to a certain extent difficult to be described. Even if a detailed description is available, many people often feel left alone and cannot cope with the volume of the instructions. Of course, there exist already different forms of support.
But do they really focus on the interests and the requests of the user?
To take these demands into consideration is our basic concern. In the meantime Webinar-Technology has been fully developed. Primarily it offers the advantage that the participants of a seminar as well as the organizers need not leave their homes or their offices.
Furthermore, this implies a saving of costs which already allows seminars with a duration of thirty minutes. This way comprehensive issues can be divided into smaller training units. So the choice of subject areas according to individual interests is simplified.

What can you expect?

We only offer subjects in the fields of which we have already acquired practical experience. This experience is the basis of our Webinars. We would like to show you the shortest way into the practical application.
The realization of the seminars offers a great amount of exemplary presentations. During the seminar or a training, you can take influence on the course of the program by questioning interactively.